Propagate succulents in water: Step by Step Easy Method (2023)

A popular and effective way to grow a variety of succulents is through Propagate succulents in Water. Succulent cuttings are placed in water until they form roots, which enables you to grow new plants. Water propagation is important because it is easy and trustworthy, making it available to both beginner and experienced gardeners.

Propagate succulents in water


This method is unique in its capacity to develop strong roots and grow plants prior to replanting them in soil. Benefits include greater yield rates, quicker growth, and the ability to grow succulents of specific types that you choose.

Water propagation made it possible to grow more succulents without causing damage to the parent plant, reducing the effect on the plant. For lovers of succulents, it’s an interesting and environmental practice.

This method is not only the most typical but also the most straightforward to increase your collection of succulents. You may increase the number of your succulents by following a few easy steps. So I tell you about complete process of propagate succulents in water:

What is Water Propagation?

Plants may be grown in water instead of soil using a technique called water propagation. It is a common method for growing a variety of plants, including succulents, herbs, and houseplants.

What does Propagating Succulents in Water mean?

The practice of developing new succulent plants from cuttings by putting them in a container with water until they form roots is referred to as “propagating succulents in water.”

This technique makes it easy to increase the number of succulents in your collection since it gives the cuttings time to develop roots before putting them in the soil. It is a well-liked and simple method for boosting the variety of succulents in your yard.

Tools Required

  • Pruning Shears or Scissors
  • Container
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Small Stick or Pencil
  • Watering Can or Spray Bottle
  • Rooting Hormone (optional)
Propagate succulents in water

Propagation Step-by-Step Process

Taking the Perfect Cutting

You’ll need a strong mother plant for a succulent to get started. A two to four-inch long clipping should be taken from the mother plant. The identification of the nodes on the stem is essential for a successful cutting.

Propagate succulents in water

The areas on the stem known as nodes are where the leaves formerly were. Make a tidy cut directly below a node after you’ve found it.

Allow the Cuttings to Dry

It’s important to let your succulent stem cuttings lay aside for a few days before putting them in water. The cut ends might be callous over and dry during this period of repose.

Propagate succulents in water

Don’t undervalue the significance of this stage since it keeps the cuttings from decomposing while they are being propagated.

Placing Cuttings in Water

You can submerge your cuttings in water after you are certain that they have dried completely. There are two methods for doing this. Either entirely immerse the stem or position the cutting such that the end of the stem is just above the water’s surface.

Propagate succulents in water

It mostly relies on the size and solidity of your cuttings, but both techniques are effective. You may cover the top of the container with plastic wrap if your cuttings are little and don’t remain erect on the rim.

To insert the stem, pierce a hole in the plastic and push it through. Make careful to regularly check the water level and top it out as necessary.

Providing the Right Conditions

Now that your cuttings are submerged in water, locate a warm area with direct yet strong sunshine so that they may grow. Patience is essential for success in this propagation process.

Propagate succulents in water

You’ll need to wait for roots to emerge, which might take weeks or months, depending on the kind of succulent and the temperature where you are. Cuttings typically take root more quickly in warm, humid conditions.

Planting Your Succulent Cuttings

Propagate succulents in water

It’s time to move your cuttings into soil once their roots have grown, which are normally 2 to 5 inches long. You may start a new succulent plant by gently planting them in succulent soil that drains properly.

Propagate Succulents in Water: A Comprehensive Guide

Propagating succulents can be an intriguing and rewarding endeavor. You might wonder, “How do I propagate succulents in a water bottle?” The process is quite simple; you can easily propagate a succulent in water. In fact, propagating succulents in water is a popular method.

Propagate succulents in water

You may have questions like, “Can I propagate succulents in water?” or “Do succulents propagate in water?” The answer is yes! You can certainly propagate succulent in water, and it doesn’t take too long to see results. Some ask, “Is it better to propagate succulent in water or soil?”

It’s a matter of preference, but both methods can yield beautiful succulent plants. Some even prefer to propagate succulents just in water, which works wonderfully. You can also explore unique approaches like propagating succulents in Japanese water or propagating succulents in water beads.

Choosing the Right Method: Water vs. Soil for Succulent Propagation

Whether you choose to propagate succulents in water or soil, the key is to ensure they receive the proper care and attention during the process. It’s fascinating to observe the growth of propagated succulents in water, and you can document it using time-lapse photography.

Propagate succulents in water

If you’re curious about the best succulents to grow in water, there are many options, and you can experiment with different varieties. Additionally, some people propagate succulent cuttings in water or try to sprout succulents in water. The possibilities are vast, so you can explore and find what works best for you in your succulent propagation journey.


In conclusion, water propagation is a great way to increase the number of succulents. It is simple, making it appropriate for both novice and seasoned gardeners. This strategy guarantees strong root development, greater success rates, and faster growth.

It is also sustainable since it shows consideration for the parent plant. A lucrative method for growing your collection of succulents is water propagation. You may simply cultivate more succulents and take pleasure in their distinctive beauty by following a few easy steps.


What are the tools required for water propagation of succulents?

The tools needed include pruning shears or scissors, a container, plastic wrap (optional), a small stick or pencil, a watering can or spray bottle, and rooting hormone (optional).

What’s the importance of water propagation in succulent cultivation?

Before transferring into the soil, water propagation offers a quick and dependable approach available to all gardeners, creating strong roots and established plants. It gives the chance to produce particular succulent kinds while minimizing the negative effects on the parent plant.

How do you take the perfect cutting for succulent water propagation?

Pick a healthy mother plant for your succulent and a cutting that is between two and four inches long for the best results. To guarantee effective propagation, find the nodes on the stem, which are the places where leaves originally grew, and make a clean incision right below a node.

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