Best Grow Light for Monstera (2024)

Bring your Monstera’s life into the limelight with a meaningful growth lamp! In this article we will discuss about which Grow Light for Monstera is very important for growth of plant. Specific to resemble the sun’s spectrum, these lights offer perfect nutrition for vigorous growth and spectacular fenestration.

The effect is revolutionary, resulting in magnificent leafage and brilliant vitality. This growth-enhancing tool can raise your plant-parenting level to a new high.

Grow Light for Monstera

Create an enclave of indoor apotheosis that unites eyes and hearts while leaving your Monstera to luxuriate in the tailored splendour it deserves.

The issue of how to take care of monstera and choose a good light given its tropical nature was another challenge. Even indoor low light plants require some light in order to live.

Monsteras are full sunlight plants and they want light at the highest level possible without direct sunlight on their leaves for too long each day. To ensure that your Monstera plant grows and develops fenestrations, sufficient light must be provided for it.


What are grow lights?

Grow lights are artificial lighting fixtures intended to provide the right spectrum of light to promote plant development.

They replicate natural sunshine, which is perfect for indoor gardening and encourages photosynthesis. With these horticultural powerhouses, you can up your plant game and guarantee lush, colourful growth all year long.

Investing in the correct grow light may significantly improve the development of your Monstera plants. These lovely tropical plants require strong, indirect light to flourish, so if your living area doesn’t receive enough natural light, a well-chosen grow lamp may make all the difference.

Considerations When Buying a Grow Light

There are a few important factors to take into account when choosing a grow lamp. Seek for full-spectrum LED lighting that emulates the colour temperature of natural sunshine, which is best between 5000K and 6500K.

Other considerations include energy efficiency and brightness levels that may be adjusted. Purchasing a high-quality grow lamp guarantees that your Monsteras get the ideal light spectrum for photosynthesis and general health.

Where Do You Place Your Monstera Plant?

The positioning of your Monstera matters. Place it where it will get the most even, indirect light possible from a window or with the help of a grow lamp. Keep it out of the sun for long periods of time as the tender leaves might get sunburned.

Do You Just Own One or a Collection of Monstera Plants?

Your grow light’s size and intensity should be sufficient to support the complete plant family, whether you have a single Monstera or a collection. Make sure the light is distributed evenly so that your green friends develop uniformly.

What’s the Ideal Grow Light Setup for Monstera?

To avoid burning, the light source should be positioned a suitable distance away from your Monstera typically 12 to 18 inches in the perfect grow light configuration.

To provide a steady and predictable atmosphere for your plants, think about using a timer to automate the lighting schedule.

What to consider when choosing a grow light for Monstera

Giving your favourite Monstera the proper quantity of light is essential to its care. Although these plants may endure in a variety of lighting situations, their true growth occurs in the ideal setting.

This is the application for grow lights. Let’s explore some factors to think about and I’ll offer some suggestions for grow light for Monstera.

What to Consider

Prior of delving into the wide realm of grow lights, think about the particular requirements of your Monstera. Monsteras prefer bright, indirect light, therefore it’s important to choose a grow lamp that emulates these circumstances.

Seek for lighting that mimics natural sunshine and has a colour temperature of between 5000K and 6500K. Full-spectrum LED lights are frequently the best option since they offer a balanced range that promotes colourful foliage and luxuriant development.

How long should you run grow light for Monstera? 

Just as crucial as the quality of light exposure is its length. For your Monstera, aim for 12 to 14 hours of steady light every day.

This encourages robust growth and good photosynthesis by simulating the sunshine hours throughout its normal growing season.

What grow lights do I recommend for Monstera?

Popular brands to consider when selecting grow lights are Spider Farmer, HLG, and Mars Hydro. These companies provide effective LED grow lights that may be adjusted for intensity and spectrum to meet the unique requirements of your Monstera.

When choosing the right wattage for your grow light, take into account the size of your plant and the area it takes up.

Can I use a grow light for Monstera?

Of course! Actually, if natural light is scarce, employing a grow lamp for your Monstera may be a game-changer.

develop lights are a dependable source of light that guarantee your Monstera gets the energy it needs to develop steadily and produce those recognisable fenestrated leaves.

Decide whether you need red/blue spectrum or full spectrum

Choosing between a complete spectrum and a red/blue spectrum is the first step in choosing grow light for Monstera.

Red/blue lights are useful for boosting certain phases of plant growth, like blooming, but full spectrum lights replicate natural sunshine, offering a more balanced spectrum for overall plant development.

Consider the number of plants

The optimal grow light for Monsteras will depend much on how many you have. Smaller panels or single lights may be plenty if you’re only starting off with a tiny collection.

To make sure every leaf gets an equal part of the light feast in bigger installations, think about making an investment in a strong, high-output light system.

Grow Light for Monstera

What kind of grow light is best for Monstera?

Monsteras have similar colour preferences as sophisticated painters. They are drawn to the chilly tones of violet and blue. For optimal effects, choose a grow lamp with a colour temperature of between 5000K and 6500K.

What’s the best grow light for Monstera plants?

Should you be fortunate enough to own a variegated Monstera, take additional care when it comes to lighting.

Compared to their counterparts that are not variegated, variegated plants frequently need more light. To care for those distinctively patterned leaves, think about using a grow lamp with a higher intensity.

Can Monstera grow under LED light?

LED lights are an excellent alternative for Monsteras. They use less energy, produce less heat, and may be adjusted to provide the precise light spectrum that your plants require.

Your Monstera will flourish under this contemporary, environmentally friendly lighting as long as the LED light has the proper colour temperature and intensity.

Can Grow Lights Burn Monstera Plants?

One of the most prevalent worries when using grow lights for your prized Monstera is if they will cause leaf burn.

The good news is that grow lights are an excellent non-toxic tool for enhancing Monstera growth when used appropriately.

If you choose the proper amount and duration of light, your Monstera won’t be burned while enjoying the rays of artificial sunshine.

Monstera Grow Light Distance

For maximum growth, you must figure out how far away from the grow light your Monstera should be. A spacing of 12 to 18 inches is usually ideal.

But it’s crucial to keep an eye on how your plant is responding. Modify the distance if you see any indications of straining or discolouration. By locating the sweet spot, you can make sure your Monstera gets just enough light without being overly bright.

What Color Grow Light for Monstera

A broad-spectrum grow lamp with a colour temperature of between 6,000 and 6,500 Kelvin is perfect for Monstera plants.

This encourages the best possible growth and leaf development by simulating natural sunshine. Furthermore, giving your Monstera full-spectrum LED grow lights with a blend of red and blue wavelengths helps improve photosynthesis and promote robust, colourful foliage.

Grow Light for Monstera

Does Window Placement Matter for Monstera Lighting?

Of course! The secret to optimising natural light for your Monstera is window location. For a well-balanced dosage of sunshine, place your Monstera next to east or west-facing windows and choose strong indirect light.

If there is not enough natural light, carefully add grow lights to produce an atmosphere that is similar to its natural habitat.

Monstera Growth with Bright Indirect Lighting

In bright, indirect lighting, monstera plants grow well. This supports the growth of those recognisable fenestrations in addition to strong foliage.

Select a location for your Monstera that will shield it from the intense noon sun with filtered sunlight. Your Monstera will thrive and display its unique and luscious beauty with the proper balance.

Monstera Growth with Medium Indirect Lighting

Don’t worry if there isn’t much bright light available; monsteras can adapt. While growth may be slower than in brighter environments, they can withstand medium indirect lighting conditions.

To ensure that your Monstera receives enough lumens to support its growth, think about positioning it a little bit further from the light source. Because of its adaptability, the Monstera is a great option for a variety of lighting conditions.

Can Monsteras be grown in low light rooms?

Although monstera plants are renowned for their hardiness and flexibility, low light levels can stunt their development and dull their vivid leaves.

Monsteras can tolerate low light levels, but they won’t flourish there. Use grow lights to bring out the most in your Monstera, especially in areas with little to no natural light.

Signs that Monstera lighting isn’t enough

Your Monstera will exhibit obvious symptoms of discomfort if it isn’t getting enough light. Keep an eye out for signs like smaller leaves, reduced growth, and a lack of fenestration (the holes that naturally occur in leaves).

Stems that are lanky and extended may also be signs that the plant is reaching for light in an effort to take in more energy.

Signs that Monstera is getting enough light

The perfect quantity of light will show off your Monstera’s glossy, vivid leaves with distinct splits. The plant will develop quickly, and new leaves may start to appear on a regular basis.

Sufficient illumination encourages the recognisable apertures, endowing the Monstera with a unique, tropical look.

Grow Light for Monstera

Grow Light Setting for Monstera

Your Monstera should be planted in an area with bright, indirect light for best development. If you don’t get enough sunshine, you may add a grow lamp with a 6000–6500K spectrum to help distribute light evenly.

For strong and vigorous Monstera development, place the light 12–18 inches above the plant and keep it shining for 12–16 hours every day.

Can Monstera Grow in Artificial Light

Indeed, Monstera plants can grow well in artificial lighting, which makes them appropriate for interior spaces with little to no sunshine.

To replicate natural lighting, use an indirect artificial light source that is bright, such LED or fluorescent lights. To promote healthy development, make sure the light schedule is regular and keep an eye on the plant’s health.

Key Considerations for Choosing Grow Lights for Monstera Plants

Selecting the right grow light for Monstera plants is crucial to ensure optimal growth and health. There are various options available for different Monstera varieties, each with specific requirements.

For Monstera albo, Monstera adansonii, and Monstera deliciosa, finding the best grow light is essential, and considering factors like color spectrum and wattage becomes crucial. Additionally, Monstera Thai Constellation, with its unique variegation, benefits from a carefully chosen grow light to meet its specific light requirements.

LED options, such as Sansi grow lights, are highly recommended for their efficiency and performance in promoting plant growth. When deciding on the best grow light for Monstera, it’s important to consider factors like size and placement, as indicated by specific grow light sizes ranging from 0.5 to 90cm.

Understanding the light specifications and usage, including the recommended hours of exposure and proper settings, will further contribute to the success of your indoor Monstera cultivation.

Whether you’re looking to purchase grow lights on platforms like eBay or exploring local availability in places like Pakistan, Lahore, or Karachi, considering the diverse Monstera varieties and their specific needs will guide you towards making informed choices.

Keep in mind the general plant growing questions, such as how to grow Motia plant or propagate Monstera from leaf, to enhance your overall gardening experience. Taking into account the broader context of indoor plant lighting, including light requirements and conditions for Monstera, will contribute to the overall well-being of your cherished plants.


Understanding the subtleties of lighting is essential to upping your Monstera game, and include grow lights in your everyday plant care may be a game-changer.

These artificial lighting systems ensure lush, vivid growth all year round by simulating the natural sunshine your Monsteras adore.


Can I use a grow light for Monstera?

Indeed, Monstera plants can benefit from employing a grow light, particularly in low-light conditions or in the winter.

What kind of light is best for Monstera?

Plants that are monstera thriving in brilliant indirect light. For optimal development, a combination of artificial light from full-spectrum grow lights and natural sunshine should be used.

Can Monsteras grow in low light?

Although they can withstand low light levels, monsteras cannot flourish in it. It’s ideal to give them strong, indirect light to promote healthy development and fenestration.

Can I use a regular LED bulb for my Monstera plant?

Yes, Monstera plants may be grown with standard LED lights; however, for best results, use bulbs with a colour temperature of between 5000K and 6500K.

Is 12 hours of grow light too much?

No, Monsteras and many other plants benefit from 12 hours of grow light. The light cycle’s consistency matters more than its duration.

Can plants grow in 24-hour light?

While some plants might manage constant light, the majority gain from a period of rest. For optimum development, a 16–18 hour light cycle usually suffices without creating stress.

Why is Monstera turning yellow?

Monstera leaves that turn yellow may be the result of overwatering, nutritional shortages, or inadequate lighting. The problem may be addressed by modifying the frequency of watering, giving the right nutrients, and making sure there is enough lighting.

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