Top 22 Black Flower Plants for Your Garden (2023)

Black flower plants are more than just a trend; they add a touch of mystery and drama to any garden. From the velvety petals of the Black Prince snapdragon to the dark, bell-shaped blooms of the chocolate lily, these unique plants offer a captivating contrast to traditional colors.

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching addition to your borders or a conversation starter in containers, black flower plants are sure to make a statement.

Black Velvet Petunia

Black Velvet Petunias deliver a bold display of velvety black trumpets. Easily grown in full sun to partial shade, this low-maintenance annual blooms from mid-spring to mid-fall.

Black Flower Plants

It adds drama and elegance to any garden, whether it is in hanging baskets, containers, or borders. This is the Black Flower Plants.

Common NameBlack Velvet Petunia
Scientific NamePetunia x hybrida ‘Black Velvet’
Mature Size20-30 cm tall, sprawling
Family NameSolanaceae
OriginSouth America
Flower ColorDeep, velvety purple-black

Helleborus ‘Dark and Handsome’

A touch of mystery is added to the winter garden with Helleborus ‘Dark and Handsome’. Over glossy, dark green foliage, this evergreen perennial is adorned with velvety, burgundy-black flowers.

Black Flower Plants

As an elegant addition to woodland gardens and borders, it grows well in shaded areas and is deer-resistant.

Common NameHelleborus ‘Dark and Handsome’
Scientific NameHelleborus x hybridus ‘Dark and Handsome’
Mature Size30-60 cm tall and wide
Family NameRanunculaceae
OriginGarden hybrid
Flower ColorVelvety burgundy-black

Iris ‘Before the Storm’

The iris ‘Before the Storm’ is bursting with dramatic beauty. There is a shimmering silver ring around the edges of these large, ruffled bearded iris flowers, which have velvety, purple standards and velvety black falls.

Black Flower Plants

Late spring through early summer, its flowers add an air of Gothic elegance to borders and cutting gardens.

Common NameIris ‘Before the Storm’
Scientific NameIris germanica ‘Before the Storm’
Mature Size75-90 cm tall
Family NameIridaceae
OriginGarden hybrid
Flower ColorVelvety purple standards, velvety black falls with silver rims

Black Barlow Columbine

There is nothing like the unique charm of Black Barlow Columbine dancing in the breeze. With its dark, velvety purple flowers and black spurs, this perennial is a hardy perennial.

Black Flower Plants

Plant it in border plantings, meadows, and cottage gardens in late spring and early summer to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. This is also the Black Flower Plants.

Common NameBlack Barlow Columbine
Scientific NameAquilegia vulgaris ‘Black Barlow’
Mature Size90-120 cm tall
Family NameRanunculaceae
OriginGarden hybrid
Flower ColorVelvety purple with black spurs

Hollyhock ‘Nigra’

A strong and bold statement is made by Hollyhock ‘Nigra’. Midsummer through early fall, this stately biennial blooms with silky black flowers that are large, single, and velvety.

Black Flower Plants

A popular bee and butterfly attractor, it adds height and drama to borders, backdrops, and cottage gardens.

Common NameHollyhock ‘Nigra’
Scientific NameAlcea rosea ‘Nigra’
Mature Size1.8-2.4 meters tall
Family NameMalvaceae
Flower ColorVelvety black

Viola cornuta ‘Blackout’

Black velvety flowers appear from spring through fall on this low-growing annual. Borders, containers, and hanging baskets are ideal for this plant.

Black Flower Plants

In addition to requiring well-drained soil, it thrives in full sun or part shade.

Common NameBlack Pansy, Blackout Viola
Scientific NameViola cornuta ‘Blackout’
Mature Size6-10 inches tall, 8-12 inches wide
Family NameViolaceae
OriginCultivated variety
Flower ColorDeep velvety black with a yellow center

Black bat flower (bat orchid)

The flowers of this plant are similar to those of bats in flight, due to their large, leathery leaves. This plant requires a warm environment and a high level of humidity to thrive.

Black Flower Plants

Soils with humus and good drainage are best, and it prefers indirect sunlight.

Common NameBlack Bat Flower, Bat Orchid
Scientific NameTacca chantrieri
Mature Size2-3 feet tall and wide
Family NameTaccaceae
OriginSoutheast Asia
Flower ColorDeep purple-black with long, bat-like bracts

Black Beauty pansy

Pansies with this classic flower grow in large, velvety black blossoms with a slight sheen. It adds a touch of drama to window boxes, borders, and containers.

Black Flower Plants

Soil that drains well is required and it thrives in full sun to part shade. So thats why this is Black Flower Plants.

Common NameBlack Beauty Pansy
Scientific NameViola x wittrockiana ‘Black Beauty’
Mature Size6-8 inches tall and 10-12 inches wide
Family NameViolaceae
OriginCultivated variety
Flower ColorDeep velvety black

Queen of Night tulip

There is nothing quite like the large, dramatic flowers produced by this single-stemmed tulip in terms of color or size. Spring gardens will be enhanced by this striking addition.

Black Flower Plants

A well-drained soil and full sun are ideal conditions for it to thrive.

Common NameQueen of Night Tulip
Scientific NameTulipa ‘Queen of Night’
Mature Size18-24 inches tall
Family NameLiliaceae
OriginCultivated variety
Flower ColorDeep maroon to almost black

Nemophila menziesii ‘Penny Black’

Small, cup-shaped flowers with a black center and purple edges are produced by this low-growing annual. You can use it as a groundcover, border, or container plant.

Black Flower Plants

Soil that drains well is essential for this plant. It thrives in full sun to part shade.

Common NameBaby Blue Eyes, Nemophila, Penny Black
Scientific NameNemophila menziesii ‘Penny Black’
Mature Size4-6 inches tall and 12-18 inches wide
Family NameBoraginaceae
Flower ColorDeep purple with a black center

Green Wizard Coneflower

An unusual and striking variety of coneflower is the Green Wizard coneflower. Its green flowers are surrounded with yellow pollen, giving it an even more appealing appearance.

Black Flower Plants

A few weeks after blooming, the flowers last for a long time. An excellent choice for the back of a garden bed, this tall perennial is easy to grow.

Common NameGreen Wizard Coneflower
Scientific NameEchinacea purpurea ‘Green Wizard’
Mature Size4-5 feet tall, 2-3 feet wide
Family NameAsteraceae (Aster family)
OriginNorth America
Flower ColorGreen

Fritillaria persica (Persian lily)

In early spring, the Persian lily blooms beautifully and fragrantly. Purple, white, and pink are some of the colors of the bell-shaped flowers.

Black Flower Plants

The easy-to-grow bulb is an excellent choice for rock gardens and front borders.

Common NamePersian Lily
Scientific NameFritillaria persica
Mature Size1-2 feet tall
Family NameLiliaceae (Lily family)
OriginIran and Afghanistan
Flower ColorPurple or white

Dianthus chinensis heddewigii

Gardens and flower beds often feature the China Pink. Colors include pink, red, white, and combinations of colors, and the flowers are small and fragrant.

Black Flower Plants

Suitable for rock gardens, borders, and containers, this annual is easy to grow.

Common NameChina Pink
Scientific NameDianthus chinensis heddewigii
Mature Size1-2 feet tall
Family NameCaryophyllaceae (Carnation family)
Flower ColorPink, red, white, or a combination of colors

Black Baccara Rose

Classic and elegant, the Black Baccara rose is one of the most popular rose varieties. A deep red color, almost black, surrounds the large, velvety flowers.

Black Flower Plants

Gardeners love this rose for adding a touch of drama to their gardens, and it’s great for cutting gardens as well.

Common NameBlack Baccara Rose
Scientific NameRosa ‘Black Baccara’
Mature Size3-4 feet tall
Family NameRosaceae (Rose family)
Flower ColorDeep red

Dahlia ‘Karma Choc’

Dahlia ‘Karma Choc’ has unique chocolate-colored flowers that make it a popular variety of dahlia. A rich, dark color is present in the flowers, and they are large and double

Black Flower Plants
Common NameDahlia ‘Karma Choc’
Scientific NameDahlia ‘Karma Choc’
Mature Size3-4 feet tall
Family NameAsteraceae (Aster family)
Flower ColorChocolate brown

Black Star Calla Lily

There is nothing quite like the dramatic trumpet-shaped blooms of this unique calla lily to add a touch of elegance to any garden. There are white speckles on the foliage, and the glossy petals appear wet under sunlight.

Common NameBlack Star Calla Lily
Scientific NameZantedeschia aethiopica ‘Black Star’
Mature Size12-18 inches tall, 12-18 inches wide
Family NameAraceae (Arum family)
OriginTropical Africa
Flower ColorDeep purple to maroon, appearing black in some light

Black Prince Snapdragon

Known for its velvety flowers and tall spikes, this snapdragon cultivar is one of the most popular in gardens today.

Black Flower Plants

A variety of pollinators, including butterflies and hummingbirds, are attracted to the flowers of Black Prince throughout the summer.

Common NameBlack Prince Snapdragon
Scientific NameAntirrhinum majus ‘Black Prince’
Mature Size2-3 feet tall, 1-2 feet wide
Family NamePlantaginaceae (Snapdragon family)
OriginMediterranean region
Flower ColorDeep maroon, appearing almost black

Sweet William ‘Sooty’

Featuring a unique color twist on a classic flower, this sweet william variety is sure to delight. Decorative borders and containers are enhanced by the fragrant blooms that attract pollinators.

Black Flower Plants
Common NameSweet William ‘Sooty’
Scientific NameDianthus barbatus ‘Sooty’
Mature Size1-2 feet tall, 1-2 feet wide
Family NameCaryophyllaceae (Pink family)
OriginEurope and Asia
Flower ColorDeep purple to near-black

Iris ‘Dark Vader’

Featuring deep purple flowers accented with black, this iris variety is indeed striking. If you’d like to add a touch of mystery and drama to your garden, this is the perfect choice.

Black Flower Plants
Common NameIris ‘Dark Vader’
Scientific NameIris germanica ‘Dark Vader’
Mature Size3 feet tall, 2 feet wide
Family NameIridaceae (Iris family)
OriginCultivated hybrid
Flower ColorDark purple, with near-black velvety beards

Fritillaria biflora (Chocolate Lily)

Flowers on this lily are in the shape of bells, which are reminiscent of chocolate. Slow-growing perennials like this add intrigue and charm to the garden.

Common NameChocolate Lily
Scientific NameFritillaria biflora
Mature Size12-18 inches tall, 6-12 inches wide
Family NameLiliaceae (Lily family)
OriginNorth America
Flower ColorDeep brown with yellow edges

Hyacinth ‘Dark Dimension’

An intensely colored bloom spikes with a nearly black hue characterize this captivating hyacinth cultivar. Whether planted as a forced bulb inside or in borders, it offers an attractive and fragrant addition.

Black Flower Plants
Common NameHyacinth ‘Dark Dimension’
Scientific NameHyacinthus orientalis ‘Dark Dimension’
Mature Size12 inches tall, 6 inches wide
Family NameAsparagaceae (Asparagus family)
OriginCultivated hybrid
Flower ColorDeep purple to almost black

Helleborus ‘New York Night’ Lenten Rose

The stunning pink color offered by this lenten rose variety makes it a stunning choice for late winter and early spring. Despite the fact that other plants are still dormant, this plant adds a touch of drama to your garden.

Black Flower Plants
Common NameLenten Rose ‘New York Night’
Scientific NameHelleborus x hybridus ‘New York Night’
Mature Size18-24 inches tall, 18-24 inches wide
Family NameRanunculaceae (Buttercup family)
OriginCultivated hybrid
Flower ColorDeep purple to maroon, appearing almost black

Exploring the Intriguing World of Black Flower Plants

In the enchanting realm of botanical diversity, a myriad of black flowers and plants captures the imagination, offering a unique and mysterious touch to gardens and landscapes.

From the elegant Black Tulip, also known as Tulipa ‘Queen of Night,’ to the captivating Black Rose (Rosa ‘Black Baccara’) and the whimsical Bat Flower (Tacca chantrieri), nature unfolds its dark allure in various forms.

Gardening enthusiasts can explore a plethora of options, including the petite Viola labradorica and the exotic Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus), adding depth and richness to their black flower garden.

The quest for these intriguing plants extends beyond aesthetics, with inquiries about black flower plants pdf, reviews, and even seeds, providing a roadmap for those eager to cultivate this botanical mystique. Whether it’s the vibrant Viola ‘Black Delight’ or the resilient Black Mondo Grass, the world of black flowers beckons with a tapestry of beauty waiting to be explored.


What plant has a black flower?

Black flowers are produced by several plants, but no plant produces black pigments. They appear black because of extremely dark pigments that absorb much of the light they receive. In addition to the Black Velvet Petunia, the Black Iris is another example.

Are there any naturally black flowers?

It is not possible to grow black flower plants naturally. The pigments in plants absorb light and give flowers their colors. Despite their ability to almost blacken flowers, dark pigments cannot completely absorb all light.

What is a black plant?

Unlike black plants, there are no true black plants. Even though some plants have dark foliage that appears black, they contain pigments that reflect light to some extent. Dark-leaved plants are often found under shady forest canopy environments with low light.

What is the black flower in Asia?

Black Chinese Fritillaries and Black Lilies are two of the black flower plants native to Asia. There is a mythical significance to these flowers, and they are sometimes used in traditional medicine to symbolize mystery and intrigue.

Is black rose a real plant?

The black rose does not exist in nature. The petals of some roses look almost black, despite their very dark red or purple colors. It is often necessary to dye or genetically modify roses black in order to produce black roses.

What is the most beautiful black flower?

This question cannot be answered definitively because beauty is subjective. Black Velvet Petunias, Black Irises, and Queen of the Night Tulips are some of the most popular flowers in that color family.

Are black flowers possible?

Black flower plants are possible because plants can produce pigments that give flowers a blackish appearance. The ability of plants to absorb all light, however, makes it impossible to grow true black flowers.

Where do black flowers grow?

It is possible to grow black flowers anywhere in the world if the conditions are right for them. There are some black flowers that are annuals, like the Black Velvet Petunia, and others that are perennials, like the Black Iris.

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